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I have been interviewed online through psychic discussion groups such as MSN’s Psychic Adventures Online and Psychic Vista online. A few years ago, The Chicago Sun Times, a Chicago based newspaper published a thought provoking article about me stating; “Berry conjured up a scene that could have taken place between my mother and my late brother — the first of my siblings to pass away. He died nearly 20 years ago, and my mom still grieves this loss. I was surprised by the number of times she got me to say yes.” By Mary Mitchell, journalist.

In the Waxahachie Daily Light newspaper, JoAnn Livingston published her interview with me. I also gave her a reading where she stated she felt I truly have a gift. In addition to the newspapers, Sibyl Magazine published a story I wrote for them about my transformation and how my gifts opened up. You can read that story on my “My Story” page and my "About Beth" page.

In the South Carolina Spartanburg Herald-Journal Kim Kimzey wrote: “Berry asked me who Tim was. That would be my husband. She also described him, as she did my brother. Berry somehow knew his name started with a J. Then Berry asked me what was wrong with my grandmother’s right arm. She had had a stroke that left her right side paralyzed.”

In early 2008 I was interviewed by Larry Elliot of blogtalkradio. You may listen to that interview and others on my radio shows page. It is my hope when you listen that you can get a “feel” for what kind of person I am (even as nervous as I was!) and know that my goal is to help whoever is led to me.

August 15 through the 17, 2008 I participated in an “Intuitive Showcase” in Knoxville, TN with many other psychics, mediums, healers and authors from all over the United States. It was a wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many other like minded people in one place!

I’ve been invited numerous times to speak in front of a psychology class at the Milledgeville College in MIlledgeville, GA. I was also invited to visit a haunted house in Sparten, GA with the professor of the psychology class along with actual Ghost Hunters!

I am a proud member of American Association of Psychics in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, New York, Texas, Hawaii and California. I am also listed on Bob Olson’s website www.bestpsychicdirectory.com.

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